Ališan Omerbašić was born on 25th of December 2010. in Sarajevo. After one, so called routine operation on Pediatric surgery of the Clinical University Center in Sarajevo, boy has got sepsis......

Ališans parents are looking for a clinic to send him for treatment, amputation is one of the latest solutions. Hope comes from Children clinic Schwabing which is part of one clinic in Munich and prof. dr. Milomira Ninkovića...

Ališans body is struggling with sepsis, fight goes on for days...tissue death at the hands, feet and nose is a result of sepsis. Doctor suggestion from Clinical Center in Sarajevo is amputation of the affected areas.


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Dear friends,
On this day, four years ago on 17th March 2011 our true fight began, the fight for the life of our son Alisan, then, two and a half months old baby.

On that day we couldn't even imagine what doctors of the Children's Surgery Department have done to Alisan two days before, during the routine surgical procedure cystoscopy.
With their unprofessional and unscrupulous work, doctors from the Children's Surgery Department of Sarajevo, made one healthy boy Alisan invalided.
Because of their unprofessional and unscrupulous work, today, Alisan has just one finger, the thumb on his left hand!
Because of them, Alisan spent three months in all kinds of hospitals. He survived a month of the plight, spending it at the ICU of Pediatric Clinic of Sarajevo.
After that, he survived three tough surgeries at Schwabing Clinic in Munich, Germany. Every surgery was tough for Alisan when you consider his health condition.
In the future, Alisan will have countless cosmetic surgeries and check-ups.

Today, Alisan is four years and two and a half months old. Today, he is one healthy, happy, smart and frisky little boy. Everyone who met him sees that. He is not yet conscious of his disadvantages because the community accapted him and supported him. Because of that we are extremely thankful. Half year after Alisan has suffered, thanks to the doctors of Children's Surgery Department, we sued the guilty doctors.

After more than three years the prosecutor decided that the foundation for the prosecution is non existent. They closed our case without any logical explanation and reason. They showed that they are united when it comes to defending unscrupulous and unprofessional people. Cantonal Prosecutor's Office of Sarajevo showed us how they see the citizens. They see us as fools that they can manipulate with.
But we are not fools, and we just want to tell you that we will fight untill we prove that they are guilty. We have the evidence for that and we are not afraid.

Again, we want to show you the pictures of permanent scars on Alisan's body (thanks to the Children's Surgery Department):

The pictures of Alisan's feet and hands after he got sepsis thank to the doctors from Children's Surgery Department:


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