Ališan Omerbašić was born on 25th of December 2010. in Sarajevo. After one, so called routine operation on Pediatric surgery of the Clinical University Center in Sarajevo, boy has got sepsis......

Ališans parents are looking for a clinic to send him for treatment, amputation is one of the latest solutions. Hope comes from Children clinic Schwabing which is part of one clinic in Munich and prof. dr. Milomira Ninkovića...

Ališans body is struggling with sepsis, fight goes on for days...tissue death at the hands, feet and nose is a result of sepsis. Doctor suggestion from Clinical Center in Sarajevo is amputation of the affected areas.


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Dear friends,

As you already know, we were at the checkup in Munich with our dear doctors. We did a checkup of the kidney with prof. dr. Hosie at the Children's surgery of the Schwabing Clinic. We also did a checkup of Alisan's feet and hands with prof. dr. Ninkovic.

We are constantly saying „our dear doctors“ because these two are such a good people, simple, professional, top experts, humanists and at the end really good doctors. We could write about them for hours and we would still have something nice and positive  to say about them. Thank God they exist and that they are doctors.

As we have already mentioned, we did a checkup of the kidney with prof. dr. Hosie at the Children's surgery of the Schwabing Clinic. We did ultrasonography and scintigraphy of the kidney.
Ultrasonography showed that the left kidney is in a good condition right now. It still didn't went back in a completely normal condition but it is really close to that. Scintigraphy picture of the left kidney showed that it has excelent function parameters.

Prof. Dr. Stuart Hosie - Klinikum Schwabing Muenchen

We also did a checkup of his feet and hands with prof. dr. Ninkovic at the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive Hand and Burn Surgery of the Bogenhausen Clinic.
Prof. dr. Ninkovic is satisfied with Alisan's condition. At this checkup we have finally established consequences of sepsis on Alisan's body.
Lots of bones of his feet and hands suffered the consequences of sepsis. The consequences are that his bones are sleeping i.e. they are not growing and developing. Because of this, for the next year, prof. dr. Ninkovic scheduled series of the new surgeries. There will be a lot of surgeries, between 7 and 10, maybe even more. The accurate number of surgeries even prof. dr. Ninkovic doesn't know. He said that we will be sure about the number of the surgeries at the time when we start with new ones.
First surgeries will start in April next year and first in line are bones of Alisan's hands. They will do reconstruction of sleeping bones. Prof. dr. Ninkovic will do two fingers at a time. He will use the most modern methods of forcing bones to grow on their own with a help of the fixator gloves. This proces will last for 4 months for two fingers and after that they will remove the glove and work on embellishing of operated fingers. After that, during the same surgery they will do the next two fingers and so on untill they finish all of the fingers. Prof. dr. Ninkovic guarantees successful recovery of Alisan's bones. After the complete reconstruction of Alisan's hands comes the difficult recovery with physical therapy in order to prepare Alisan for his first school days.

As far as his legs are consered, they will not do anything about it. Prof. dr. Ninkovic has in plan to do his feet but not yet because Alisan's skin of the sole is still good. Hitherto, we managed to remediate his skin on his sole that cracked to heal on it's own. However, it could happen that one day his skin cracks and it will not be able to heal on its own. When that day comes, and it will, they will transplant one muscle from his thigh to his left sole. In that way, they will increase the size of his foot and give him better stability. Nonetheless, his spine will rest because right now his left leg is shorter for 2 cm. In order to save Alisan's spine he has to spend every day in orthopedic shoes. We are lucky that his shoes are of top quality, but it's hard for Alisan to spend the whole day in his shoes that are too heavy for him. He can take them off only when he is going to sleep. Along with that, the bones of his feet also need wakening and reconstuction.

Prof. dr. Ninkovic says that the real treatment is only to begin. As far as Ninkovic is consered the treatment and recovery will last long, until Alisan grows up. That means that Alisan will rest from doctors and surgeries for a little bit when he grows up completely. From the next year on, hard times awaits for us, but we are relying on God and the huge support from our dear friends. A lot of surgeries and a lot of mileage awaits us and we don't know how we will make it.

Prof. Dr. Milomir Ninkovic - Klinikum Bogenhausen Muenchen

After this last checkup we ask ourselves again, in which way and how Prosecutor's Office of Sarajevo managed to not carry out the criminal proceedings against the doctors that are guilty for Alisan's situation? A lot of questions, but no answers...
We admire the way You, in Prosecutor's Office, managed to protect doctors. But we ask you again, where are the rights of one child, where are the rigths of one invalid, where are the human rights, where are all of the rights that are guaranteed for us citizens?

Thank you so much for that prosecutors!

Omerbasic family


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