Ališan Omerbašić was born on 25th of December 2010. in Sarajevo. After one, so called routine operation on Pediatric surgery of the Clinical University Center in Sarajevo, boy has got sepsis......

Ališans parents are looking for a clinic to send him for treatment, amputation is one of the latest solutions. Hope comes from Children clinic Schwabing which is part of one clinic in Munich and prof. dr. Milomira Ninkovića...

Ališans body is struggling with sepsis, fight goes on for days...tissue death at the hands, feet and nose is a result of sepsis. Doctor suggestion from Clinical Center in Sarajevo is amputation of the affected areas.


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Dear friends,

Finally, we received the answer from the Sarajevo County Prosecutor's Office for our complaint on the shameful decision of prosecutor Amina Ruzdic, sent on 22nd May 2014.

However, the answer is the same as the first one. The only difference is that the new prosecutor Advija Hajdo Balta typed more words, so now, we have an answer that is 5 sheets long. Her answer contains some quotes from a medical expert witness that she, just as Amina Ruzdic, follows blindly.
We can openly say that this shameful decision is the assault on dignity of one little child, the assault on us, parents, the assault on all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina whose rights are ignored! Need I say more?
With this deed, Prosecutor's Office just proved to us that they don't know how to do their job for which they are payed well.
The answer is written in that way that you can't tell if it is the final decision or not, is there a complaint or there isn't, etc. To make a long story short, the whole answer is incomprehensible. Prosecutor Advija Hajdo Balta could at least show a little bit of professionalism, she could invite us to talk to us, she could look at all the the facts, try a little bit harder... but no, she just copied the first decision and went home happy because she fixed the statistics to the Sarajevo County Prosecutor's Office.
However, in this case, the new prosecutor Advija Hajdo Balta is not as guilty as Amina Ruzdic is.
Prosecutor Amina Ruzdic never invited us to help her with a case, she never informed about her plans, she DIDN'T want to receive us EVER.
In brief, she did everything to avoid us, she did everything against us, against little Alisan!
Prosecutor Amina Ruzdic did not collect all of the documents that she should send to the expert witness or perhaps she did not sent all of the documents that she had but didn't want to send.
We are telling You this because prosecutor Amina Ruzdic requested for all the documents from every clinic on KCUS, even from the Pediatric Surgery at KCUS.
Those documents are the same documents that we requested for from KCUS and we got them. In those documents there is a lot of evidence telling that nonchalance and malpractise were present in treating
the patient i.e. Alisan. These documents that I am telling You about are written by doctors whose guilt all of this is.
The medical expert witness said that the error can always happen and that you can get sepsis in all circumstances, and that the doctors did everything that was in there possibility to save Alisan. 

They said that the doctors in treating Alisan didn't make a single mistake, and that is one big apsurdity.
They also said that it came to the development of the most serious form of sepsis with multiorgan dysfunction syndrome and with a septic shock, and all of these are the symptoms of innate disease.
They said that the cause of sepsis is hydronephrosys! Also, according to them, we should be lucky that Alisan even survived because the percentage of mortality from this kind of sepsis is 95 percent high.
For them it does not matter that Alisan is now 100 percent disabled!
It is so absurdly to write things like this for someone who is educated. It is a disgrace!
We say that the medical experts are lying because the doctors did not treated Alisan continuously in his whole stay in the hospital!
After the surgical procedure, instead of transfering Alisan to the SDU or to the ICU, they tranfered him to the hospital ward.
The first night after that surgical procedure Alisan got the body temperature of 38,5 degrees Celsius.
They did nothing to discover why Alisan had such a high temperature, they just gave him paracetamol suppository.
The first morning after the surgery doctors just visually examined Alisan, and they released him and sent him to the home treatment.
There is a proof for this on that document that we already showed You and asked You if someone maybe knows whose signature is that at the end of the document.
This document proves that Alisan was not treated continuously at the Pediatric Surgery at KCUS but released for the home treatment:


We will show You one more document that proves everything we told You right now, the document that doctors recorded and prosecutor Amina Ruzdic did not read. It is obvious that she didn't forward it to the experts!
That document is a letter of discharge that we also showed to You before, and where it stands that Alisan had temperature of 38,5 degrees Celsius first night after the surgery and that he was released the morning after without thinking about the reason of his high temeprature. No! They sent him home so sepsis can expand and jeopardize his life!
The discharge letter:


This is not the end of our fight for justice. We promise You that we will continue to fight to the end in spite of corrupted prosecutors and doctors from the Pediatric Surgery at KCUS.
The last shameful decision of prosecutor Advija Hajdo Balta You can read in this document:


All the best,
Omerbasic family



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