Welcome. This is web site of one little boy named Ališan Omerbašić. Site contains all medical records about Ališan illness, as well as news and photographs that accompanied Ališan in his fight for life, removal and treatment in Germany. We will try to notify you on Ališan state today.

Ališan Omerbašić was born on 25th of December 2010. in Sarajevo. After one, so called routine operation on Pediatric surgery of the Clinical University Center in Sarajevo, boy has got sepsis......

Ališans parents are looking for a clinic to send him for treatment, amputation is one of the latest solutions. Hope comes from Children clinic Schwabing which is part of one clinic in Munich and prof. dr. Milomira Ninkovića...

Ališans body is struggling with sepsis, fight goes on for days...tissue death at the hands, feet and nose is a result of sepsis. Doctor suggestion from Clinical Center in Sarajevo is amputation of the affected areas.


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Downloading of content

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Special thanks to everyone who helped: Little Ališan goes to Munich for surgery

...Ališan shall be received prof. dr. Milomir Ninković, one of the world’s leading plastic Surgeons, who will try to save fingers and feet. Doctor Ninković is the chief of this department – Plastic and reconstructive surgery for hands and Center for serious burns in Munich hospital. Now he is the only hope for little Ališan and to his parents Albina and Omer.

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